Bump with the weather

Unexpected rough day, just for the morning, calm this afternoon and looks like a long stretch of calm seas and hot temps, perfect time to get out on the cooler water. Fishing remains the same as last post, but I haven’t heard from the boats yet today. We have a special Friday night Fireworks cruise due to the cx of them last night, plenty of room and looks picture perfect. Busy weekend for all trips, please call before driving down or book on line. The restaurant generally has a long wait, best times to get the best food on the Seacoast is between 2-430.

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Better today

Not that it was bad, but perfect day today. Mackerel were solid, Whiting trip had Whiting as big as 27” and the all day for Haddock didn’t have any dogs. Whales, flat seas and warm temps made for a great day. It’s really good, make your summer trip now, while it last.

Capt Les Jr

Suk Song from Greymouth New Zealand aboard the Lady Audrey Mae 7.16.2019

Suk Song from Greymouth New Zealand aboard the Lady Audrey Mae 7.16.2019

Summer in full swing!

We are running all trips everyday. Fishing on the all day is nonstop action, sadly getting a limit of Haddock is difficult due to so many other fish. Automatic catch when you hit the bottom, but it’s either a sandshark, cod, undersized Haddock or Pollock. So luck plays a factor in how many keepers you take home. Mackerel fishing at the Isles of Shoals is crazy, non stop action, as many as you want. The Stripers are also non stop action, with the schoolies, just not many keepers. Tons of fun. Two hour finally finding a few Mackerel inside along the beach. We still have 6 spots available on the special Whiting trip Tuesday, $85 and limited to 35 people. Fireworks Wednesday night. Weather looks incredible for a long stretch.

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Lots to report!! We cx the public Whiting trip today because there just weren’t any Whiting, they have arrived in force though looks like another banner year on them, most 6 pack boats are targeting Whiting and did great today. We have room on the Tuesday all day Whiting trip, limited to 35 passengers, deposit required. Dogs have arrived but Haddock fishing is good for the regulars that know how to stay on the very bottom, but definitely Day to Day. Lots of action. Mackerel are as good as it gets on the 4 hour trip at the Isles of Shoals, getting 100’s of pounds off the boats for the bait shop extra. Tough for the two hour trip on the Mackerel, they just can’t get out far enough in two hours, but with this weather still a great evening trip. The schoolies on the night Bass trips are hot and heavy, only a few keepers, but lots of action and fun. Best news of all are the 2019 fishing regs are out and we can now catch 15 Haddock pp at 17” all the way to February and we can retain 1 Cod pp ( if your looking for that 50 pounder) September 15-30. Please call for reservations or book on line here.

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Difficult to post!!

It’s day to day, we have 7 boats operating and the last 10 days, half will do great and half slow, so whatever I post I’m called out by it being false. I’ll from this point on  try to list the catches on different boats. Dogs(sandsharks) finally arrived so that made it tough last couple of days, yet Fonzie and Tory did very well with no dogs lots of Haddock . Mackerel and Bass are here, tons of both, not many keepers. I get a lot of complaints about lack of fish reports, I’ll try to be better. please remember our trips are scheduled around tides, sometimes as much as two hours, please confirm departure times when you book. Running all trips 7 days a week with occasional cancellations due to tide. 

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Fishing yesterday was excellent on both the LMAIII and the LTA, 6-10 Haddock pp, lots of happy anglers. Mackerel are in and fishing was good on the half day too. Many thanks to all that acknowledged and attended my dads(Les Eastman Sr) Memorial, it was a beautiful night and and amazing tribute. Thanks to Wayne Bibbins, for the Eulogy. And the restaurant, as always, put out an excellent buffet, it was nice to see so many relatives and friends. Bass trips start this week, but as previously mentioned, tides will dictate nights we can operate. Looks like most nights are good for next three weeks. Check on line for availability and times. 

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Very hard to post!

The fishing is crazy, boat limits to just a few pp, changes every day. We have cx tomorrow due to weather conditions. Next trips Wednesday June 12th.  Les Eastman Sr Memorial will be Wednesday at the boats at 5 pm. All are welcome.  UPDATE 1700! The marathon limited on Haddock with a bunch of Cusk and Reds, all day boat 6-8 average. All the charters limited, don’t hold me to all charters, haven’t heard from the LCA

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That’s what is was Monday/Tuesday. Plenty of fish, just wouldn’t bite after a great weekend. Yesterday (Wednesday) we had guys in the 20’s handing them off for everyone to get their limit. Plenty of fish, just tide and an occasional not hungry day for us to deal with. Pretty much very good though.

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Dip in the road.

Yesterday(Tuesday 6/3) the fishing was great, catching was horrible. I told my buddy Fran, guaranteed 12 Haddock pp, they caught a Mackerel. They just didn’t bite. all 7 boats out today, waiting for a report. 4 boats left at 5-6, rest closer to 9(due to tides). I’ll report ASAP Plenty of room all week. Dads Memorial is the 12th at 5 pm. 

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