That Time of Year

Wind & Waves… and these 3 days of wind is ridiculous, but anything above 30 kts this time of year is a “cancellation”. Last thing we need is to get everyone on the boat, drive out a few miles only to turn around and come back to the dock because it’s too rough to fish. A waste of your time and money, as well as ours; with the added expense of fuel used, crew time, and so on. We plan on sailing Friday, Saturday & Sunday unless changes are made to the forecast. Remember, as it starts to get colder, the LMA III has an insulated heated cabin & heated rails so staying warm is not a problem.

Haddock season will reopen in two weeks (November 1st), and we plan on running daily (weather permitting) until just before Christmas.

Getting back to “cancellations” this time of year, we do our best to keep an eye on the forecast and make cancellations the day before a trip. These decisions can be a tough call as the NOAA forecast can change drastically with each update; and the decision may be later in the day when we have better information from NOAA to go on. When we cancel, we will call you ASAP to let you know (please check your messages), and will be posted on the HOME PAGE of our website.

Please be aware that the Tackle Shop will be open 5:00am to 4:00pm on days the boats are out - 9:00am to 3:00pm on days the boats are at the dock. The answering machine message will be updated with current information as needed should you call after hours.

We do plan on SAILING FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, so please call ahead for a reservation if you’d like to join us.

Thanks & have a great day


Today It Turns Around

Capt Tory on the Lady Audrey Mae has the Whiting trip today and went south and reports “excellent” catch.

Capt Ed on the Lady Merrilee Ann has the All Day trip and reports very slow today on the Pollock.

Trying to figure out how we can get Capt Tory to run both boats! LOL

Capt Phil

 Whiting landed 10.13.18 on Lady Audrey Mae

Whiting landed 10.13.18 on Lady Audrey Mae


The All Day boat, Lady Audrey Mae, had a pretty good day with the Pollock and some cusk.  Average about 8 to 10 per person.  Lady Merrilee Ann had the Whiting trip and results were disappointing, although they also picked up some Pollock in the mix.

Sailing tomorrow and hoping for better luck on the “catching” part of fishing.      



Yesterday’s Marathon trips went farther out than usual finding the really big Pollock (over 20 lbs).  Fishing was considered fair for a Marathon, but will be getting better as the season progresses as these really big Pollock are moving in closer.

Fall fishing with colder waters and colder temperatures, the Lady Merrilee Ann is the only boat in the immediate area with heated rails and fully heated cabin; as well as fully enclosed state of the art life rafts (not saying we’ll need them, but we have them) that are repacked and inspected yearly.  CPR trained crew and an AED for unexpected emergencies; and you won’t miss out on “Sunday Football” scores with satellite TV on board.

So, don’t put your gear away yet.  We still have plenty of fishing time left to fill our freezer’s for the Jan & Feb off season.  😊


Mixed Reviews

The All Day fishing was fair/good overall, but it depended on who I spoke with. Although everyone said they had a great time, I heard “slow” to “good” to “great” to “awesome”. Seeing the bags of fish people were bringing off the boat, I could see that while some only had a few in their bags, others had several pounds of fillets.

The Lady Merrilee Ann had the Fishark Charter today and the phone report I received is that it was a slow start turning into a great afternoon with really nice big Pollock landed.

Can you ever catch too many fish? The charter on the Annie B came in early for just that reason. The boat was “loaded to the gills” with so much big Pollock, they decided to call it a day. 😊

Have a good night


Friday 10/5/18 Cancelled

Friday, October 5th is cancelled - expecting wind/rough sea conditions.

After talking with some people today; it sounded like a wide range of catch amounts as some did better than others taking only a few. Jason & George from Derry, NH were happy to tell me they had at least 30 in their bucket. Jigging seemed to work better than bait today, and a variety pack of Pollock, Cusk, Reds, and Whiting.


Thursday a definite GO!

We are definitely sailing tomorrow departing at 7am. Seas are just Swells, so no worries.

Better day of fishing today with some real nice Pollock landed. Steve Mauzy was high hook with 12, and several others did just as well. Paul from New Castle won the pool with a nice big Cusk approximately 13 lb.


A Change of Scene

Very slow today. Mostly a few Cusks, with some Pollock, Reds and Whiting here and there. The highlight of the day was the hook up & release of a Porbeagle Shark. So, I guess there’s not much more to say about the day.

We are cancelled tomorrow (Tuesday), but will be back at it Wednesday.

Have a great rest of your day & a good night 😊