Insanity Over & Over

Never have we had a stretch of massacres so many days in a row. Except for last Wednesday when it was only really good, every trip is nonstop up and down, mix of big Pollock and Haddock in the same spot, which is rare. Some guys had over 50 fish. CRAZY!!!!! Running out of days, 22nd is the absolute last day but it’s December so won’t get all those days in. We are closed tomorrow(Wednesday) due to weather but have some room Thursday and Friday. Weekend is questionable due to potential storm.

Capt Les Jr

It Gets Better & Better!!

Insane fishing - Haddock limits and lots of big pollock!!!! Plenty room tomorrow, Thursday & Friday.  Wednesday cancelled due to weather.

Capt Phil

Ed carrying his “first run” of fillets up to his vehicle.  This is what wouldn’t fit in his cooler.  All I can say is “WOW”!!  Good Job Ed!!

Ed carrying his “first run” of fillets up to his vehicle. This is what wouldn’t fit in his cooler. All I can say is “WOW”!! Good Job Ed!!

Saturday Report - A Slam!

Capt Nate at the helm or as Fishark calls him the “GREAT CAPTAIN NATE”” reports excellent on the Big Pollock!! The strong fishing continues and we’ll be sailing for sure Sunday,Monday,Tuesday looking at the weather! Make sure you call for reservations and check times of departure!! Monday and Tuesday plenty of room!

Also, PLEASE... if you make reservations and can’t make it, please call and let us know.  It is very much appreciated.

Capt Phil

Crazy Fishing!

Wednesday was good fishing but not the slams of the last few days but very good on the Pollock and some Haddock! Thursday Capt Tory just called in  reports Massacre on the big pollock from when they dropped the lines at 8:15 lock and load fishing!! Last half hour went up on top and everyone grabbed 4-6 Haddock. (Plenty room Sat/Sun/mon be sure to call for reservations and time of departure!!!)

Capt Phil

Monday Fish Report

Massacre’s continued today incredible fishing on the big pollock with Haddock in the mix!! Handful of spots open for Wednesday and a dozen left for Thursday!! Friday boat Chartered and Saturday and Sunday plenty of room! Make sure you call for reservations and check times of departure! 3 more weeks to go and fishing incredible!!

Capt Phil

Looks Like a Great Week to Go Fishing

It looks like we’ll finally be getting a good stretch of weather getting the LMA III off the dock this week. Tomorrow (Monday) is Sold Out, and Wednesday we have a few openings left. Thursday, Saturday & Sunday we still have plenty of space at this time and that can change quickly. Our last several trips out have been exceptional for “catching”!! Please be sure to call ahead for reservations as they are a must; and don’t forget your fishing pals this Holiday Season… Gift Certificates are available. You can order by phone, or stop in to pick them up.



Donny Brook, Massacre, Slam, whatever you want to call it. Had to come home early, can’t get any better!!!!!   All Giants 15 to 30#’ers!! Next trip Monday and we can only take 50 with fishing like this, so you must have a reservation. Three weeks to go, just give us the weather.

Capt Les Jr

Unbelievable Fishing!

Fishing is unbelievable!!! We finally got out, weather has not been our friend this Fall. Both the AB and the LMAIII slammed the Pollock, some Haddock. As good as it gets, up and down. Both boats also caught a porbeagle shark each adding to an already great day.

We are sold out tomorrow(Saturday) and because of the storm we are cx Sunday, but running Monday and plenty of room. That’s the day I’d go. Gift certificates available over the phone. People have asked if we discount tickets, it’s impossible to do if you want to have the quality operation that we have. We have $2 discount on line and $3 on certain websites and newspapers. Best we can do if we want to stay in business. It Cost $1200 in just operating expenses for the boat to leave the dock, never mind the rest of the overhead.

Hope to get as many days in as possible before we have  to close, that last weekend is questionable due to tides, but check here for updates. Planning to run three more weeks.

Capt Les Eastman Jr


Porbeagle LMA III

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