Opening Day!!!

The tackle shop will be opening tomorrow February 1,2019. We will be posting marathon dates by tomorrow and all charter contracts have been mailed.

Tackle shop will be open 9-3 Monday through Saturday until opening fishing day on March 29th, leaving at 630 am. Think REDFISH!

For private Whiting trips you can call here or visit Fishark Adventures. They can accommodate singles and doubles at Fishark, you need to charter the entire vessel through us. We have 3 six pack boats, 30, 45 and 60 passenger vessels available for charter in addition to our walk on boats. Check charter rates here.

Capt Les Jr  

Red fish.jpg

Look at ALL those Deliciously Fresh RED FISH!!!

Winter at the Docks

The Tackle Shop will reopen Friday, February 1st. To start, hours will be Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm - Closed on Sunday. The boats will begin running daily trips again the end of March… RED FISH!!! (My Favorite 😊)

Pre-season Charter Renewals will be sent out January 30th. Anyone who would like to keep their date, please note that deposits will be due on or before March 1st.

2019 Marathon Dates will be posted January 31st. This year, Capt Phil has added Wednesday, June 5th and several Sunday dates to the ‘Scheduled’ trips list. More trips will be added throughout the season which will be posted on the website as they are decided.

Any “Week at the Beach” summer vacation plans in progress? A list of open dates and information for the “Cottage by the Bay” can be found under the “About” tab on our website, and we are now taking reservations. Please do not call the Tackle Shop to book the cottage. All bookings are done by email, and instructions are on the Cottage Rental page.

We’ve all been very busy since the New Year began. Up until yesterday’s snow & deep freeze, good weather & mild temps have given the crew a chance to get a good start on getting the “Lady’s” ready for this coming season. BOATS: A hole in the water you pour a lot of time and money into… LOL

Thank You… Capt Les Jr, Capt Phil, Capt Ed, Merrilee and the entire family (both immediate and extended) are honored and humbled by the many, many expressions of sympathy, support, and contributions to the American Cancer Society received from you, our friends, with the passing of Capt Les Sr. You have all helped make a difficult time more bearable knowing he was loved and respected by so many, and how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness. Again… Thank you.

Stay warm & think spring… RED FISH!!!


Winter Harbor January 22, 2019

Winter Harbor January 22, 2019

Our Hearts are Heavy

With heavy hearts we want to tell everyone that we lost our dad, Les Eastman Sr. His initial battle with cancer he beat, but the battle took much out of him and a steady decline for three years finally took him. I do know he enjoyed that extra three years. There will be no service, but instead,  a memorial aboard the LMAIII to spread his ashes in the Spring. A time we’ll announce. If you’d like to do anything,  please donate to the American Cancer Society.

Captain Lester Eastman Sr in Florida

Captain Lester Eastman Sr in Florida

Thank you...

All of us here at Eastman’s want to thank everyone for an incredible year. Too many employees to list, but every single one of them express their sincere appreciation. I hope we did a great job in return.

We would really have liked to continue running because of the last three weeks of the best fishing ever, and with the water temperatures it would probably last into February; but between mandatory USCG inspections, and work on the hull and bottom, we must close and haul out.

The Preseason Contracts will go out the end of January with the same conditions as always. We will be closed December 23, 2018 through January 31, 2019. The Tackle Shop will reopen February 1st, Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday’s) from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

We will begin our fishing trips again March 29, 2019. Think Redfish!!

We wish you all Happy Holiday’s, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The entire Eastman Gang

Absolute Mayhem!!!

Really too bad we couldn’t keep fishing, fishing like this for so long is unbelievable. Next few days we’d be in port due to weather, but fishing like this two or three days a week into February would be amazing.  Today’s trip is on the way home, and our last trip is tomorrow (Sunday).

This year the Lady Merrilee Ann will be hauled out for the winter for some “extra loving care” in the boatyard.  The USCG requires this every other year for a dry dock hull inspection, so the crew will be busy in the boatyard through the winter keeping the “Queen of the Fleet” in tip-top shape for the spring (as they always do).

Capt Les Jr

The crew needs two cutting tables to “get the job done” these days!!!

The crew needs two cutting tables to “get the job done” these days!!!

Looking Ahead

Due to forecast gales this coming week, and extreme low tides next weekend, (12/22), this Sunday (12/16) is the last trip of the year. We still have room Saturday (12/15) & Sunday (12/16)!  Fishing has NEVER been better, actually ridiculous!! I’ll sign off for the season Monday and GIft Certificates are only available until 12/22!

We will be CLOSED starting 12/23 through 1/31/2019; reopening the Tackle Shop Feb 1, 2019. 

Capt Les Jr

Thursday a Slam Dunk!!

Another slam Pollock and Haddock today!!! Room Saturday and Sunday as of right now! Friday full! We’ll be looking at extended weather and decide when our last trip will be and if you wanna be sure to get out again this year I’d go this weekend because who knows what the weather will bring! 

Capt Phil

Filleting at the dock!!  Mates Curran & Todd, with friend Kevin K. lending a helping hand, & Capt/First Mate Nicole.

Filleting at the dock!! Mates Curran & Todd, with friend Kevin K. lending a helping hand, & Capt/First Mate Nicole.

Insanity Over & Over

Never have we had a stretch of massacres so many days in a row. Except for last Wednesday when it was only really good, every trip is nonstop up and down, mix of big Pollock and Haddock in the same spot, which is rare. Some guys had over 50 fish. CRAZY!!!!! Running out of days, 22nd is the absolute last day but it’s December so won’t get all those days in. We are closed tomorrow(Wednesday) due to weather but have some room Thursday and Friday. Weekend is questionable due to potential storm.

Capt Les Jr

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