Fishing is good!

Haddock and Reds(Jumbo), out today (Friday) but sadly we have to cx all trips tomorrow, Saturday April 27!!!!  We are rescheduling tomorrow’s marathon to Saturday May 11, if inconvenient please give us a few days to refund deposits. Fish report from today(Friday) EXCELLENT, most with limit of Haddock and lots of Reds!!!!! I think even Jackson caught his limit, must have been thick, kidding with you Jackson.  Just give us the weather and we’ll be fine. Sailing in the morning(Sunday 4/28).

capt Les Jr

Weather Again.

All boats out today, and yesterday( Wednesday). Fishing was good yesterday , not as good as Monday. I’ll report on today when I find out. Due to high winds we are canceling next three days.     ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday), next trip Monday April 22. 

Capt Les

Opening day of Haddock

Not a very nice one, but all 7 boats are out and I’ll report on the Haddock catch this afternoon. Very busy this week with schools closed in MA, sadly the weather doesn’t look all that great. We are cx tomorrow(Tuesday 4/16) running Wednesday, departing at 6 am and Thursday at 630 am. Beyond that please check in here for updates. FISH REPORT 1630. Most Everyone limited. 

Capt Les Jr

Absolute Mayhem

Out today(Saturday)!Yesterday(Friday)we had three boats out and it was a complete massacre. 50+ jumbo Reds pp. And glad to report our only problem was too many Haddock to struggle through. Still some openings tomorrow( Sunday)for our last day of targeting Reds, we have a few opening Monday on the 8 hour trip( when Haddock opens), all other boats are booked.

Capt Les Jr


Sailing in the morning(Thursday 4/11) and looks like a long stretch of decent weather, departing at 7am next 4 days. Every trip except 1, has been excellent and that slow day everyone still caught 10-20. Open tomorrow at 5 am. We will continue to catch Reds after Haddock opens on Monday, but we will not be strictly targeting them, unless we limit out on Haddock. Four days left to load up on the Reds.

capt Les Jr

One more day.

As noted in yesterday’s post,  fishing was back to excellent Sunday. Weather was great, but today( Monday) was quite a bit worse than even we expected. 9’ seas and winds 25-35. Raw and cold, looking like continuing into late Tuesday/Wednesday. As a precautionary decision, we are also canceling Wednesday. Trips Thursday and beyond look great. Monday(4/15) all 7 boats are sold out, but Tuesday (4/16) we have extra boats and room for plenty more customers. 4 more days for Redfish to be targeted, don’t miss out. 

Capt Les Jr


Out today, Sunday April 7, yesterday Saturday wasn’t up to par, only fair. Average catch was down to 10-35 pp, from 25-50. Sadly we are canceling tomorrow and Tuesday due to weather, next trip Wednesday 7am. FISH REPORT  1700 hr Fishing was back to normal today(Sunday), 20-50 pp!

Capt Les Jr

Friday April 5!

Fishing was a little off from what it was been, but still good. Running everyday weather permits, next three days look great, little wet Monday but calm winds and seas predicted. Please take note that our departure and arrival times are adjusted due to tide issues. Please check the website for daily changes. 

Capt Les Jr

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