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Weather again! Ha

This weather really s****.  I went fishing yesterday with brother Phil, and a great day. Fishing is as good as it gets. We had to go a little further for the trophy Reds and to also to stay away  from the Haddock. We did and the fishing was up and down with mostly Reds, but a good amount of Haddock and Cod( they are places there not even suppose to be, they’re so plentiful). The government needs to catch up with stocks and regulations. I myself caught 75, kept 60 of them. Also caught two nice Cusk and a keeper Pollock. Saw a Right Whale and the seas were flat calm until the ride home. I have to give a shout out to the crew. Even though they have all worked for us for years and one is my nephew, as well as all having 100 ton Captain licenses, I can honestly say just about impossible to have a better crew. We over staff to make sure everyone is well taken care of, but the four of them made a pretty easy trip for Capt Phil. They are there at every tangle, taking Fish off, baiting hooks. Capt Nicole filets like a surgeon in an emergency room. Her and the crew filleted close to 2000 Reds with not a bone, quite a feat for anyone that knows the difficulty of cleaning Reds. Haddock opens today and the Haddock are just a 75 minute ride, sadly today and tomorrow are miserable and tomorrow even rougher. We are hoping to get out Tuesday with just a swell left over from the Southeaster. We can’t leave Tuesday until 830 due to a low moon tide, which looks to be to our advantage as far as the weather goes. If anyone can call your Senators or Reps, along with the Port Authority to get an emergency dredge, or a dredge at all, maybe it can help get it done. We are busy as soon as we can get out, so best if you call for reservations just to confirm your tickets. Haddock limits are likely once we get there.
Capt Les Jr
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